A.I.R. ARTCEB 2012

In 2012 I stayed in Botopasi, Suriname for 2,5 month at A.I.R. Botopasi, organized by Isidooor Wens who was born in this Marron village.
I stayed ther with Marja van Putten and Isidoor and lived on the familti ground of the Wens family.
There is a website about the project with lots of photos and more info

Ptjin Fowru

Ptjin Fowru (little birds and other flying objects),  made of found material at the spot. Most of the works here are shown at the ceiling of the Suriname Museum (Fort Zeelandia) in Paramaribo in august 2012.

Fort Zeelandia


Suriname Museum, Fort Zeelandia,  14 AUG – 20 AUG
Look at the website for a lot of pictures from the exhibition and the project in Suriname.

OCT 14 – NOV 4, 2012


Overview exhibition: the results of AIRP2012 and AIRP2011, art inspired/made during residency periods at ARTCEB Botopasi Suriname. Paricipating artists: Julian Vadas New York USA, Marja van Putten Amsterdam NL, Wim Vonk Amsterdam NL, Jolijn de Wolf Nieuwegein NL, Isidoor Wens ’s-Hertogenbosch NL
www.artots.nl | botopasi.arttrust.nl/


Drawings with clay from the Surinam river

Bekken en tati