Oude niedorp from january 2018

Temporary studios 2006-2017

  • From may 2006 – january 2018 my studios were on a temporary basis. I shared them with Marja van Putten. Since Janaury 2018 we work in Oude Niedorp where we plan to stay as long as we like.

    In January 2017 we moved back to Weesp. A smaller studio but nice and warm… I was forces to smaller works, that brought me to a whole new series of hanging wall pieces. Later more…

  • From December 2015 – January 2017 my studio is situated in a library in Rijnsburg, near Katwijk, a little town close to the sea. At the moment I am working on drawing and painting with ink with ropes hanging on a machine placed at the ceiling.

  • From December 2007 – November 2013 my studio was at Zuiderzeelaan 78, Weesp. From 2010 I started to regularly show pictures from the process going in in the studio.
    In de new studio at IJsselmeerlaan 8, Weesp a new process will start from 20-11-2013.

  • From November 2008 till 2010 my studio was at Zuiderzeelaan 78, Weesp. in this place we stayed for 6 years.

  • From May 2006 my studio was at Hogeweijsenlaan, Weesp. It started with building ‘BOT’ of Armando Me and Marja van Putten were both assisting him with this assignment for Amersfoort (Vathorst). Since then we share our studio.