2nd Festival of Art and Creation.

Zakynthos, Greece, 20 mei tot 1 juni 2013
with Marion Molier, Hans Gritter and Wim Vonk
We are invited to represent the BBK at this festival.

project website zakynthosfestival.gr/
our weblog  zanterfanters.nl

During the period there will be a programm with lectures and workshops. We are making one painting with all artists in public.. etc.
the general theme is Light in painting.

Here is the text I wrote for the subject:

Light in painting

The house where I live in Amsterdam was built in 1648  and is just a 10 minute walk away from the house where Rembrandt van Rijn lived. If I lived in that time we could have met on the street and said “Hi neighbour”!

My fascination and adoration for Rembrandt started as a 12 year old boy, when I first looked at one of his paintings in the Rijksmuseum the “Jewish bride” was not only the colour and the light but the way he added the paint on the canvas that made an everlasting impression on me.

Rembrandt was a draughtsman of genius and an etcher second to none, maybe not so well known as his paintings but for me personally: a lifetime inspiration.

My admiration showed already in the drawings and etchings I made for my final exam at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy

I made a series of 14 etchings of the river the Amstel on different locations:  I reconstructed where Rembrandt had been drawing the same river 300 years before. that was in back in 1972.. more then 40 years ago…

I feel very honoured to participate at the second festival of Art and creation at Zakynthos in Greece, the cradle of civilization, that goes back 4000 years…….

I am talking about 40 years being a long time and 400 years ago is already very hard to imagine …..but 4000 years ago…is beyond comprehension ….

The first thing that came to my mind, about Greek Art was a vase with painted figures and when I looked it up I was flabbergasted about how “timeless” it looks, even though it lacks colour. I want to approach the light in painting in a graphic way : only  black and white and to limit myself even more I decided to paint vases…

For me, as a multimedia artist, (I create with every media that is at my disposal), I see this as a challenge, an adventure and that is what Art for me should be.

Wim Vonk 2013